The benefits of taking your child to live football games

We Make Footballers
31 March 2022


Coach Marcelo’s latest 2018 FIFA World Cup trip tells us about the importance of experiencing live football -

The first big game on paper at the 2018 world cup… but we don’t think anyone was expecting a 6 goal thriller!

Coach Marcelo travelled to Russia for a long weekend this June, which was a well-deserved break between running the WMF Chiswick & Southall Franchise, coaching our We Make Footballers U16 squad for the Gothia Cup with PLAYR(@playrsmartcoach) and representing England andSussex in Futsal!!!

In this blog, we’re going to share Coach Marcelo’s latest world cup experience with you whilst also talking about the benefits of taking your child to experience a live game.


1. Experience different cultures and be exposed to different groups of people (even if it’s just your local derby).

Every team, player, fan and club culture is different - it’s important to be exposed to a variety of these things and the world cup is the perfect opportunity for this!

“The weather was perfect blue skies all day, the locals in Sochi were welcoming! I met people from all around the world united to see a special game of football.” - Coach Marcelo (CM)


2. Live in the moment, create memories and take the opportunity to learn from top players!

Live games create the perfect learning opportunity - even the bad ones! Young players can learn what types of playing styles that excite them and they can learn from the successes and failures of the pros.

“I was initially anxious for Portugal to put on a good performance but I enjoyed the type of football both teams played so much! I couldn’t of asked for more... I’ve seen Iniesta, Isco and Ronaldo in a world cup game and both sides produced an absolute thriller!” - CM


3. Be exposed to role models and get inspired!

We all remember the one actor, singer or sports person we admired growing up - it may be that by seeing live players your child learns about different types of individuals and their characteristics. We Make Footballers admire the drive and passion that Ronaldo shows in every game. This is a key trait we have identified in our players we have signed at professional and local clubs through our pathways. In the same way as “practice makes permanent”, drive leads to continuous development in players of all levels.


“To see Ronaldo produce his best ever performance for Portugal, scoring a hattrick which included a last minute free kick! I was lost for words!” - CM

Trust us, we all are!


Coach Marcelo is one of our top coaches at We Make Footballers, he has designed a large part of our programme and he has been with us since our first classes.

Coach Marcelo runs We Make Footballers Chiswick and Southall with classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you would like to experience his coaching, you can book your child a free session here!