The rise of FIFA’s journey mode style game, narrating the pathway to success for the main character ‘Alex Hunter’, has highlighted children’s dreams of being successful in football. We Make Footballers understands that every child varies in their football dream, ability and ambitions. This is why we offer pathways to nurture and cater to every individual child’s goals.


Due to our reputation, we are inundated with scouts visiting sessions and our Talent ID events. Many of our franchise owners work for professional clubs as scouts. Therefore, if a player has enough potential we are able to make the appropriate recommendations to local professional clubs to continue their development.

Each one of our venues also has an exclusive partnership with a local grassroots club where our players play matches under their name. We do not advise players leave us once they join another club as often it is our training environment which led to the player succeeding and this is needed for the continued progress.

How can We Make Footballers help your child’s football journey?

Your child will begin their football journey
by joining We Make Footballers.

Through weekly training and holiday camps
we’ll open up new pathways

Professional Academies


We Make Footballers do not run our own clubs and teams. We do however partner with other local grassroots teams. There are formal agreements in which our players play under a club name.


The reason we send players to grassroots clubs is because it helps our players develop through experiencing real match play, helping local clubs bring in a continual influx of players, which in turn helps develop footballing and social communities across the country.


Once a player feels comfortable at We Make Footballers, we may choose to introduce them to one of our partner clubs to supplement their training with us. In the UK, a player can join a grassroots club from the age of 6.



Old Isleworthians are an example of the type of local grassroots club we will partner with. They train their players on club nights, exclusively for their team members and we will train all other players who are waiting to join the club. This means there is a constant flow of players coming into the club. We have been providing players to Old Ise for the past 10 years and have given them over 650 players in that period. We have seen some wonderful communities evolve in that time and we are very proud of our long partnership with the club. The club is now growing from strength to strength and will continue to flourish for many years with the sustainable approach we have for recruiting and developing players for the club.



With a combination of hard work, natural talent and We Make Footballers classes and holiday camps some players are able to join professional clubs.


With the reputation we have built, and the results we have achieved with our players over the past 9 years, we have a strong network of contacts across the UK. In addition to this, a number of our team members work as scouts for professional clubs.


We Make Footballers hold regular Talent ID events open to our players, these are attended by a number of scouts from professional clubs.


With hard work, some players will get signed at professional clubs. We Make Footballers will continue helping players in their journey.

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Why We Make Footballers is right for all pathways


We understand that each child is different, with different abilities and ambitions. We Make Footballers are proud of all our players and we focus on each child as an individual. Here are some of our player’s footballing journeys:

Hopefully this has given you a flavour of the opportunities available at We Make Footballers.

We Make Footballers are about helping all types of abilities of players:

New players, park players, school players, grassroots players, and professional players.