The We Make Footballers Coaching and Playing Style

We Make Footballers
26 March 2022

Our Playing style

We Make Footballers believe in a quick, clever and attractive style of football through the thirds of a pitch. Our philosophy is based around keeping possession, fluidity of movement, playing with variation and moving the ball positively with a purpose. We firmly believe in playing where there is space and taking the most open route to goal (through, over or around the opposition) via disguised, unpredictable clever play and quick combination.


"This sounds daunting! My child has just started football!"

We Make Footballers work to create a safe and fun environment in which players of all abilities can develop. By breaking down skills and exercises, anyone can join in our sessions and have a great time! We match up players based on age, physicality and ability level so they always look forward to their sessions.

"My child is an experienced player. How will they benefit from their sessions?"


We Make Footballers focus on weekly contact time which refines technique and improves the physical attributes of our players. Player performances will increase week on week. We find that it’s best to come along to a free session and to see how your child will be challenged.

"What is your coaching syllabus?"


We have a session bank of over 500 drills and exercises which meet the development need of our players. Take a look at the criteria our coaches use to monitor the development of players:

Coaching Criteria