The We Make Footballers 5 In 5

We Make Footballers
03 March 2022

In addition to helping children of all abilities become the best footballers they can be, We Make Footballers are passionate about creating meaningful and quantifiable change. We hope to use the world’s most popular sport to make a difference and create opportunities for the future. These 5 goals are what we hope to achieve over the next 5 years through ambition, passion and dedication. We Make Footballers want to create and inspire change.

1. Reach 100 WMF Venues

We hope to bring We Make Footballers to 100 venues, this would give us the opportunity to make professional coaching accessible to children of all abilities from all different walks of life. In addition to this, a We Make Footballers Academy typically brings £10,0000 – £65,000 per year to the local area through venue hire, the creation of jobs and use of local services. We Make Footballers think global but act local.

2. 50/50 Workforce

We Make Footballers firmly support women in football, we seek to develop the female game and for this reason, we are actively working towards creating a more equal workforce. We hope that by having role model female coaches more young girls will be inspired and encouraged to play. We believe that an equal workforce will help to break stereotypes, we want to be a leader within the women’s game and have a fantastic track record of female WMF players signing at professional academies and joining their local teams.

3. 10,000 Hours of Voluntary Coaching

We work with passionate people who see the difference they make to each child they coach in every one of their sessions. Football is a great source of fun, social development, and learning. We Make Footballers are active in local communities and more always looking for ways we can use football for good. Our Coaches volunteer in a number of events, schools and give up their time to deliver professional coaching to local teams regularly. By setting the ambitious target of 10,000 hours, we can continue making a difference by working towards a quantifiable goal!

4. Get 500 Ex-WMF Players Involved In Coaching

We Make Footballers understand how challenging it can be for young people and for this reason we hope to help them by gaining work experience with us. Work experience is invaluable as it can teach young people important skills such as teamwork, communication skills, child and people management. We work to stay in continual contact with our ex-players, they’ll receive Newsletters from us containing valuable learning material, articles and updates on the We Make Footballers Academies offering coaching opportunities. They can also choose to join the WMF Coach Development Scheme to gain experience whilst earning recognised qualification in the coaching community. They will also be assigned a mentor who will oversee their development.

We believe in giving young people the chance to learn through discovery and our objective is to continue helping our ex-players on their football journeys.

5. Produce 50 Grassroots Teams Per Year

Each We Make Footballers Academy has an exclusive partnership with a local Grassroots team and is responsible for creating an Under 7’s side for them each year in addition to recommending players to the club. This helps Grassroots teams grow a network of players and give more children the opportunity to play matches, but, also this can be key to a child’s development and their football journey. Building partnerships with local Grassroots clubs and building teams are things we are incredibly passionate about as these teams bring children, families, and clubs together creating more community cohesion and making a positive change.

Our goals are ambitious, but they are also what makes us wake up every morning and stay passionate about our work. We believe it is our responsibility to have a positive impact on football, local communities, and society.