New Nursery Football Sessions 

We Make Footballers
15 February 2023

New Nursery Football Sessions 

In January 2023 we launched our first football training class for 2 - 4 year olds, each session is for one hour on a Tuesday morning. 

But why did we decide to launch this session now? We believe that football classes are packed with lots of benefits for all children such as listening, concentration, confidence as well as the fundamental football skills. Therefore toddlers should also get the opportunity to experience these benefits in a safe, fun environment. 

Yes, the session may look a little different. Yes, it may take a while for the children to settle. Yes, parents may have to get involved (sorry!). However we believe this is a great opportunity for the children to grow, not only with their football skills but with social skills as well. 

The sessions are slightly different to a standard We Make Footballers class, we start with a session plan but this is often adapted during the session as the coaches learn what the children are most engaged with. The coaches are also on a learning journey. We can however guarantee that the children are getting the same level of coaching, support and development opportunities as they would at any of our sessions. We are excited to see these toddlers grow in confidence and ability and who knows we might be coaching the next football sensation!

You can find out how to book here.