Is 11 too old to start football?

We Make Footballers
25 January 2024

In the world of football, the question of when to start often lingers, with concerns arising about whether 11 is too late to kick off a budding soccer journey. In this exploration, we'll debunk myths surrounding the age to begin playing football and delve into the potential for skill development, growth, and passion even at the age of 11.

No Age Limit to the Beautiful Game

Contrary to popular belief, 11 years old is not too late to step onto the football field. Many aspiring players commence their football journey around this age and go on to become skilled athletes through dedicated training and passion for the sport. While some may have started earlier, the age of 11 is a viable starting point for building a successful soccer career.

Catching Up with Determination

Starting at 11 may mean catching up with peers who began earlier, but it's entirely possible with focused training, consistent practice, and a growth mindset. With the right guidance and dedication, a child starting at this age can quickly acquire the necessary skills to compete and thrive in the world of football.

Fostering a Love for the Game

Beyond skill development, fostering a love for football is paramount. Encourage the child to engage with the sport beyond training sessions—watching matches, playing casually, and finding joy in improvement. A genuine passion for the game not only fuels motivation but also enhances the overall experience of learning and playing football.

The Benefits of Football at Any Age

Football offers a myriad of benefits, regardless of when one starts. From physical fitness to teamwork, social interaction, and personal growth, the sport contributes to holistic development. In fact, many school football teams don't begin player selections until the age of 10 or 11, emphasizing that there's ample time for players to discover and nurture their talents.

Embracing Personal Growth

Every player's journey is unique, and starting at 11 can be an opportunity for personal growth. The challenges and successes experienced on the football field contribute not only to skill development but also to building resilience, discipline, and teamwork—qualities that extend beyond the pitch.


In the realm of football, age is not a barrier but a starting point for potential greatness. Initiating the journey at 11 is a viable and rewarding choice, offering opportunities for skill development, personal growth, and a lifelong love for the beautiful game. So, is 11 too old to start football? Absolutely not. It's the perfect age to lace up those boots and begin a transformative football journey.