FA Changes Coaching & Rules At Grass Roots Level

We Make Footballers
31 March 2022

The FA's new rules mean five-a-side matches will become mandatory for Under 7s and 8s; 

Under 9s and 10s must play 7 V 7

Under 11s and 12s must play 9 V 9

Nine-a-side games will also be optional for Under 13s to Under 16s, who could also opt to play 11-a-side.

Pitches will be smaller, with games played box to box with coned-off areas on existing surfaces. Goals can also be smaller.

The FA have conducted a two-year review into grassroots football in England and delivered their recommendations based on a desire to encourage a more technical, passing game  and close control and ultimately provide better players for the national team.

In England, children as young as 10 play on full-sized pitches, whereas European and world champions Spain do not allow youngsters to play on adult pitches until Under 14 level.

The FA's new guidelines also include a new competition strategy, which will see the season delivered in three blocks, rather than mirroring the eight-month adult campaign. It is designed to make football 'more competitive for more children'.

An FA statement said: 'The smaller pitch and number of players allow a greater number of touches of the ball and involvement in the game, helping develop greater technical skills at a lower age.

'The move will also bring a more child-friendly approach to competition, breaking up the eight-month-long, adult-based season into smaller periods of competition which encourage increased learning.'

Here at We Make Footballers Academy we believe this is a BIG step in the right direction!!