How to keep your kids busy the whole summer with soccer camp

How to keep your kids busy the whole summer with soccer camp

Thu 11 July 2019

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The summer holidays are almost here with soccer camp. For some parents, they represent a great opportunity to spend quality time with their children, creating memories that will last forever and visiting family. However, lots of parents must balance their work schedule and childcare which is a difficult task – how do you keep young kids entertained for six weeks?

If you are looking for some ideas as to how to give your children the best summer ever, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few ways to keep your kids busy for the whole summer.

Book them onto a football Summer Holiday Camp

A We Make Footballers Summer Holiday Camp is a brilliant way to keep your kids busy, no matter what their age or football ability level.

Each of the Holiday Camps is delivered by a fully qualified team of coaches and will feature sessions tailor made for where each child is on their footballing journey. If they’re only just starting out or lack confidence, then the soccer camp can provide a gentle introduction to the game in a safe and fun environment. That makes them the perfect way to introduce a child to football for the first time.

For the more experienced or established players, the soccer camps offer fun and competitive football and the chance to make new friends. They are particularly beneficial if your child has ambitions of improving their game as they’ll be exposed to around three-and-a-half hours of football each day, every day in which skill sets can improve dramatically.

The soccer camp is aimed at children aged between five and twelve and take place in various locations across the country throughout the summer holidays. Find your closest camp today!

Visit the local library on a regular basis

Whether or not your kids like reading, a visit to a local library can be a brilliant way to keep them entertained throughout the summer months. 

Let’s start with the benefits for the non-readers. Did you know that many libraries run summer reading programmes, workshops and activities during the day for children? So, even if your child isn’t a keen reader, there may be something on that can keep them occupied. These activities are obviously designed to get more kids into reading too, so by the end of it you could even find yourself with a proper bookworm.

For kids who already like reading, then visiting a library can be almost like a special treat. Let them pick books they want to hire as that way they’ll be more likely to enjoy them, rather than you foisting Lord of the Rings or something on them.

Once they’ve selected the books and you’ve gone home with them, it’s something of a two birds, one stone situation – not only have they enjoyed a day at the library for free, but they’ve now got several books to read to keep them occupied over the coming weeks as well.

Plant a garden

If you’re worried that your kids will spend the entire summer locked indoors playing computer games, then you can get them out into the great outdoors by planting a garden together in your back yard.

It doesn’t matter what sort of garden you go for – just be sure to give them ownership over it. Children love nothing more than working on a project if they think it is theirs, seeing the results of their hard work and the decisions they’ve taken. It will give them a sense of responsibility, too.

One possible idea is to settle on a fruit and vegetable garden if suitable. That way, not only will you be working together in the garden as a family, but you’ll also have something to show for all your work come the end in nutritious food that can go straight into a family meal. 

The kids will be entertained, they’ll have something to show for their work and you’ll be getting healthier - all at the same time.

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