Importance of Football Camps for a Child’s Development

Importance of Football Camps for a Child’s Development

Tue 23 June 2015

Football course benefits

I wanted to write why I believe the football camps are so good for children's development on a social level as well as on a technical and physical level.

At We Make Footballers, we are constantly talking about the players who had success with us, whether with a local grassroots club or an academy.  We often don't mention that those players not only did weekly training with us, but always did every camp we offered as well.

The camps are vital in the development of mental endurance as well as physical and technical endurance.  Players who can play football 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, are the players who truly develop.

We know this, and our job is make the week as fun as possible, while at the same time being aware their minds and bodies are also developing through our training.

We also know that these 6 weeks of the summer holidays are one of around 10 summers holidays our players will really remember as children when they grow up.  Therefore we need to ensure that when they are with us we are contributing to their lifelong childhood memories.  Thats a lot of pressure on us, but we are up for the challenge!

What are the methods we use to ensure the players have a great experience as children on their school holidays and also develop at the same time?

  • Specific age and ability groups
  • Excellent standards of behaviour from pupils at all times
  • Variety of games and exercises
  • Safety processes and procedures in place at all times
  • Experienced coaches with love for their work as well as coaches who are full of energy and enthusiasm

It is this formula which gets children to love the camps no matter their ability level.

Children love to spend time with cool adults who give them attention.  It's vital for children to spend time with role models who they can look up to.  I believe every one of our coaches are a role model to the children.  I also believe that the environment we create for the children helps them make friends and feel comfortable with their surroundings.

With all of this taken care of we must now focus on their football.  The key to this is to include technique, movement and game understanding within all our session content.  With this all in place, we have the perfect model to help children have a great experience as well as aiding the development of their football ability.

I always say that our weekly sessions can correct bad habits but it is during the football camps where children really get to spend enough time implementing all they have learned from our weekly sessions; to make a real difference to their game.

If you want to book your child a space at our football camp you should call the office on 020 7148 1602 or email us [email protected]

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