Weekly Football Training

Our Weekly football training takes place in the best indoor and outdoors facilities during the school term. We create a fun, safe and welcoming environment for children to develop their individual footballing ability and enjoy the game. Each week has a different theme to help players become the best they can be.


Our weekly training takes place during the school term, 39 weeks a year!
Each venue runs weekly sessions for players aged 4-12 on different days and times,
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1on1 training
What will my child learn at weekly training?

Weekly group training takes place in a friendly environment with a focus on developing the core fundamentals in football within each individual player.

Each week coaches will focus on a different theme such as skills, teamwork, shooting, passing… coaches will deliver a fun and comprehensive training syllabus over the 39 weeks of the school year.

Every week is different with children developing their technical ability, speed/movement/agility, fitness, game understanding as well as character and desire. We ensure that each player is being adequetly challenged and continues to learn new football fundamentals throughout the year.

football birthday parties for girls and boys
Can all players come to weekly training?

Players of all abilities are welcome at WMF from ages 4-12. Our fun, engaging and challenging syllabus often provides children with their first introduction to football. Our coaching team will ensure that your child is developping at each session both technically and socially.

The difficulty of our training will vary depending on the ability of each player and group as our syllabus focuses on developing each individual player to help them become the best they can be.

We believe that practice makes permanent and that every child can develop and learn somehting new at We Make Footballers.

football birthday parties for girls and boys
Why so many 1 on 1 challenges?

WMF believe that in order to help our players become the best they can be, each player must be given the opportunity and time to practice the skills developed within our training freely. Our coaches encourage players to play creatively, freely and to make their own decisions in a game situation.

The fundamentals covered in the other section of our sessions give players the knowledge, the skillset and opportunity to develop to become more technically gifted footballers.

Children are always paired with a player of similar ability to ensure they are adequately and continously challenged. We play fantastic upbeat Brazilian music during matches to create a fun atmosphere in which players score goals, have a whale of a time and cheer on their team-mates!

Indoors and Outdoors Training

An important factor of providing the best environment for players to develop and have fun is facilities. By having access to both indoor and outdoor facilities our training sessions are able to run 39 weeks throughout the year and in all weather conditions. This means that players, coaches and parents are always comfortable and enjoy our weekly session environment.

From a player development point of view this combination of indoor and outdoor football environments gives our players a wide exposure to different challenges and situations.

During the winter months, our coaches focus on developing each players’ technical ability, skill and confidence with the ball in small spaces. With fun number games and upbeat Brazilian music in the background players have a fantastic time playing indoors!

During the summer months, we move to outdoor facilities in the sun and fresh air – with technical skills mastered over the winter months players are now ready to move into playing in larger spaces. The playing speed, space and matches in teams present each player with new learning opportunities when playing outside!

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“The guys at We Make Footballers have been amazing for Beau.”

Jamie Redknapp, England International

“Our daughter came home happy everyday and I felt so at ease. After two weeks of camp, she is now doing ”Ronaldo Chops” and cannot wait for the next camp.”

Crystal, WMF Parent