Summer Camps 2014 Blog

Summer Camps 2014 Blog

Mon 21 July 2014

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This Summer we are not just doing one week of holiday football camps but two which is great for both you and your child as they are off school for 6 weeks!

The dates are from the Monday 28th July to Friday 1st August and Monday 18th August to Friday 22nd August which gives your child plenty of time to progress and improve their technical ability. The summer Camps are normally are most popular camps and normally a huge number of players of over 100 children attending.

This Summers Camp will be at Isleworth & Syon school, Ridgeway road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5LJ. The children we see improve the most are the children that come to the camps as they build confidence and build good relationships with the coaches. The coaches will provide many fun and enjoyable games which will improve your footballing skills at the same time.

There will be also be medals and trophies to be won too!

What will Football camp be like for my child?

As the child walks out onto the pitches he will feel a sense of excitement and will be greeted by the coaches in a friendly manner. Whether your child knows anyone at camp already or has no idea who anyone is he or she will still feel comfortable and every young player is very friendly with each other so if your child doesn’t know anyone he or she will make friends very quickly. No matter how good your childs footballing ability is they will improve their technical ability and will have fun at the same time. The children won’t go a minute without having something to do, you might think that 5 hours is a lot of time to keep your child occupied but our coaches are always able with the highest quality of coaching.

Child's perspective:

When i enter the 3G pitches i feel a rush of excitement and want to start playing football from the off. I have made many new friends due to We Make Footballers football camps and have got to know the coaches really well. I really enjoy training at We Make Footballers because i am having fun and it gives me something to do in the holidays when there is no school. The training is very good and i learn a lot of new tricks that i use in the matches at the end, I really like the matches because it is a sense of freedom at the end of an exciting day of training and fun drills.

It is really fun when the coaches have competitions with us players and it is usually us who win. As i go home after a long day of football i feel as if i want to keep going back to camp and not wanting to go back to school because the coaches at We Make Footballers make the whole experience enjoyable and interesting, there is never a minute when i am bored and i want all my friends from school to come so that I can show them how good camp is. I will be going to both the summer camps this year as i know they will be really fun and it also improves my football ability and helps me become a better footballer.


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