The latest addition to WMF – presenting Zorb Football!

The latest addition to WMF – presenting Zorb Football!

Mon 07 March 2016

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It’s official! We have ZORB FOOTBALL!

Another fantastic half-term was topped off with our St Mary's camp trialling the latest addition to the WMF team – Zorb Football!

And what a great trial it was.

If you aren't familiar with Zorb Football it is, simply put, a small sided football match where every player is wearing a large, inflatable bubble covering their torso and head. Players can knock other players over to retrieve the ball and try to score.

The players at the St Marys camp ABSOLUTELY LOVED giving the Zorb Footballs their first run out. In fact, once they were out, we couldn’t get them back in!

What was planned to be just a lunchtime game, turned into an afternoon marathon of Zorb Football.

newkit_3Players ended up rotating between our usual training, and spending time playing small sided Zorb Football.

It’s safe to say they were a smash hit, and we can guarantee that the Zorb Footballs will be making an appearance at EVERY camp from now on, and at EVERY training academy at least once a term.

It is so important that children have fun when playing sport or taking part in any hobby as this helps them to improve and ensure they want to continue - even if they make a mistake or things don't go to plan! This is why we are very happy to have the Zorb Footballs available to us.

We will also be offering Zorb Football parties to all players within WMF at no extra cost to our regular parties.  Think of our regular (and amazing) Football parties, but with the addition of all of the bouncy fun of Zorb Footballs!

If you would like to have a WMF Zorb Football party, please get in touch with AS MUCH notice as possible – we’re expecting these to be booked out quite regularly, so will need as much notice as possible to reserve them for you.

Prices start from £160 for up to 16 children for one hour. *Venue price not included.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best wishes,

Iuri Baptista & Sean Conlon

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