After school and weekend Childcare in Worthing

After school and weekend Childcare in Worthing

Fri 28 June 2019

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If you are looking for after school or weekend childcare in Worthing, West Sussex then there are plenty of options out there. In 2019, parents and carers are extremely busy and are looking for the best way to keep their children entertained and safe.

From traditional childminders to classes and activities which will keep your kids active while you are getting on with whatever it is you need to, here are some of the best options available to parents at the moment.

Traditional childminders

Worthing Childcare

There are nearly 50 Ofsted registered childminders in Worthing who can take care of your child both after school and at weekends. Each will have a different approach to how they deal with kids and provide a different environment for them, so it’s important you find the one that you feel will be best suited to your child’s personality and likes.

As a result, you should enquire with as many of them as possible until you find the one that you and your kids like.

Of course, childcare isn’t just restricted to traditional childminders these days. Here are some of the alternatives that you could look at:

We Make Footballers Worthing Academy

Childcare in Worthing - We Make Footballers

The We Make Footballers Worthing Academy run football sessions every Saturday at St Andrews High School in Sackville Road, Worthing. Lasting an hour, your kids will be taught by FA Qualified coaches who will focus on technical skills, ball manipulation, game intelligence, fitness, speed and movement – all in a fun, safe and friendly environment.

The classes are open to boys and girls aged between 4 and 12 and We Make Footballers even have links with professional and grassroots clubs, which could help to open the door to a dream career as a professional if your child is good enough.

Regardless of their ability level though, We Make Footballer can provide the perfect weekend child care alternative for the football-mad kid. You can even try your first session for free to see if your child enjoys it!


The Budding Chefs Club

Kids Activities Worthing

The Budding Chefs Club not only provides a brilliant way for your kids to spend a Saturday, but they are also the only Ofsted registered Saturday cooking club for children in school year groups one to 11 in the whole of the United Kingdom.

They’ve won multiple awards from various children’s organisations and it isn’t hard to see why. Their sessions teach kids how to cook everything and anything, ranging from deserts to cakes with all equipment, aprons and ingredients provided. They even accept Childcare Vouchers from all providers as payment for sessions.

The Budding Chefs Club runs between 2pm and 5pm and on occasions, there are all day classes as well during the summer holidays.



Active8 kids activities worthing WMF BLOGS

Activ8 are a widespread after school clubs in the area, running sessions at schools across Worthing and Angmering which provide a childcare alternative for parents who are still at work when the school day finishes.

Activ8 clubs cover multiple activities including multiskills, gym, cricket, fitness, athletics and running and they take place straight after school, so there is no need to pick your children up and then drop them off again.

The one caveat is that only children from a relevant school can attend, so it does depend on where you child is currently attending. If your child’s school doesn’t have an Activ8 club but you’re still interested, then they do run a host of holiday classes as well which can help to keep kids safe and entertained during their school breaks.


The Childcare Club

Child care Club - Worthing

Much like Activ8, the Childcare Club run a whole range of activities for kids across the Worthing area. Their focus is much broader than just the sports element that Activ8 concentrate on, with after school clubs featuring a wide range of activities including art, drama and play. Kids choose what they want to do and are then given the necessary equipment and resources to go about it in a fun and safe manner.

Kids are picked up from their school or classroom by a member of staff and the club runs until 6pm. As well as holiday camps for the summer break, the Childcare Club also offers a pre-school breakfast club which can be handy for those parents who have an early start or need to be out of the house at the crack of dawn for a commute to London.


Keeping your children active, entertained and safe can be a difficult task for parents. Finding the right option for your child can be challenging and the best thing is to try different options out. We hope that this list of ideas and activities have helped with your plans!


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