Where will your WMF journey take you?

Where will your WMF journey take you?

Thu 10 December 2015

Football development

In September we launched our #WMFCarshatlon venue and as always we offer all our new customers a FREE Trial which showcases our high quality training! From our initial weeks trial we had great responses and some great sign ups from new parents! Our team of FA qualified coaches have now been working with our players for the last 8-10 weeks at our Carshalton Academy and they had made some outstanding progress. #WMFplayers have been training hard, working on all aspects of their performance from tactical and technical to speed, agility and ball mastery.

99 - Harry Grant

In the process of our mission to #createbetterfootballers ("helping footballers become the best that they can be") we have created strong links with some professional and non professional football clubs, we have even created exlusive partnerships to support our players! 5 of our players have now joined Chelsea Football Club from #WMFCarshalton and are training weekly at the Cobham training ground. This is fantastic news for our players, their families and of course us and our coaches. This sends a good message to our players and reflects our professional football approach, philosphy and high expectations. Our Academy partnerships we have now linked with some local grassroots football clubs:

WMF ( #We Make Footballers ) Carshalton - Wolves Football Club
WMF ( #We Make Footballers ) Purley - #FCPredators Football Club (Launching in January 2016)

All our players are regularly monitored by our team of coaches and academy managers which allows us focus on each players development and tailor our football coaching to our players needs #helping footballers become the best that they can be. Each year we will put our top year 1 children forward to join one of our local grassroots clubs such as Wolves FC & #FCPredators. Our players will continue to train with us at our weekly training for the rest of that school year as well as playing club friendly fixtures and matches. When those children get to school year - Year 2 they will officially become club players. This is fantastic for the players as they can play regular competitive football and being to apply the concepts that have been embeded by their coaches over the last 2 years (and longer for players that join us at 4 years old!) We always encourage our players to train at one of our acadmeis alongside their football teams to support thier ongoing progress and success!


This is the story and the journey of some of our WMF players. We would like to wish all those players training alongside a #ProfessionalClub the very best of luck! Congratulations to our successors from WMF Carshalton/Purley -  Micah, Kaylan, Alessandro, Beau and Antione.

Our coaching philosphy and training style combined creates a perfect enviroment for footballers to progress / develop and succeed. Check out our website we have had over 75 players now signed for pro clubs across our acadamies!

#Where will your WMF journey take you  ??

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