Transactional Emails

  We Make Footballers want to ensure that you and your child receive vital information that can help both your journey’s with We Make Footballers. We will often send you transactional emails, which are sent from our tailored booking software, Parent Area, and provide you with key information about your bookings with us.   The type of transactional emails you will receive from us include, confirmation of your account creation, and the date, time and venue of your free session at your chosen academy. Amongst those emails, you may also receive a small number of transactional emails, such as these listed below.  

Transactional Emails We Send

  • Free trial feedback In this email, we thank you for bringing your child to the free session, and ask whether you have any feedback for us. This email also provides you information on how to sign up for a 10 week Weekly Training subscription. If you don’t know how to, the email also provides a link to a video tutorial.
  • Subscription booking confirmation In this email, we thank you for signing up your child to Weekly Training and provide you with the class details and a list of the dates within your child’s subscription. The email also contains a copy of our Terms and Conditions, which you will have agreed to when you were making your booking. Attached to the email will be a Welcome Pack, which contains a welcome message from the academy manager of your venue, instructions on how to get to our training, what your child should bring, what activities we do in our sessions, our player and parents code of conduct, our health and safety practices, and more.
  • Subscription renewal reminder – Our subscriptions automatically renew, so two weeks before your child’s last session, we will send you this email which informs you of the date of your child’s last session, and the date payment will be taken from your account, via direct debit. If you want to cancel, the email also informs you how to, and when best to do so, as we do not offer refunds for bookings which have been processed.
  • Cancellation of subscription – This email is sent to confirm that your direct debit has been cancelled and also confirms your child is ending our training after their final paid session. We also ask for your feedback, so we can improve the quality of our sessions.
  • Failed payment – If, for any reason, your payment has been unsuccessful, you will receive a failed payment email from us. This email explains your direct debit has failed and informs you that we will try once more to receive payment.
  • Holiday Camp booking confirmation – If you have booked to attend a Holiday Camp, you will receive a booking confirmation email from us, with the details of your booking provided. The email will also have a Holiday Camp Welcome Pack, which contains a welcome message, instructions on how to get to the camp, what your child should bring, what activities we do at camp, our player and parents code of conduct, our health and safety practices, and more.
  • Cancellation of event booking – This email is sent to confirm the cancellation of your booking to our Holiday Camp. It also informs you that we have refunded your payment.

We Make Footballers Newsletters

  Receiving these emails does not mean you are subscribed to We Make Footballers newsletters. Transactional emails are generated by our Parent Area software, and are only sent in any of the instances above.   If you have opted in to receive our newsletters, no change will occur. If you decide to opt out, you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe text at the bottom of all our newsletters.  

Get In Touch

  If you believe that you have received an email from We Make Footballers in error, or have a question then please let us know, by emailing [email protected]. We’ll do our best to help you. If you would like to subscribe to receive newsletters from us then you can do so here.