The best ways to enjoy football as a family

The best ways to enjoy football as a family

Fri 21 June 2019


To enjoy football, that’s when you’ve got football mad kids, then why not become a football mad family? More and more families are starting to realise the social and health benefits that watching and playing football can bring to their family unit and as a result, we’re seeing an increase in the number of families who are getting involved.

Here are three of the best ways to enjoy football as a family.

Watch live football together

Watching live football is a brilliant way in which you can enjoy football as a family. Whilst a family of four attending a Premier League game might be out of the financial reach of a lot of people, there is plenty of football further down the pyramid which you can get along to for a fraction of the cost and which will provide a fantastic day out for all the family.

That’s because lots of clubs have cottoned onto the idea of a family day out at the football and have begun to price things accordingly. Some offer family tickets while others let kids in for a couple of quid or even for free. Even England games at Wembley are becoming more affordable thanks to the FA’s decision to turn one end of the ground into a family zone when the Three Lions are at home.

The WSL (Women’s Super League) is another fantastic option as all games offer a family friendly environment, cost friendly tickets and a brilliant way to see Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and some of the best teams in the world! Players are also famous for hanging around afterwards to take selfies and sign autographs for kids, which is sure to make their day even more memorable.

There is a real buzz about attending a live game, whether it be a North London derby at the Emirates or a non-league game. Have a look at the options in your local area, pick a club that suits your needs and away you go.

Watch football on television and make it a family event

There has never been so much football shown on television, which makes it a really easy way to enjoy the sport as a family. Whether you all sit down and watch the Champions League final together with a big bowl of popcorn or order takeaway pizza whenever your team are being shown live, gathering everyone around the TV to watch football live is a great way of experiencing it.

Of course, there is more to football on television than just live coverage. Lots of families clamber into the parent’s bed together on a Sunday morning to cuddle up and watch Match of the Day. Depending on the age of your children, then other programmes such as Soccer AM can be fun to watch as a group. Youtube are also airing more and more game free of charge for the general public which is fantastic news for footballing families!

You could even sit everyone down in front of historic games or season reviews either on DVD or which are being shown on television. Your kids might find your memories of the 1998-99 season interesting or funny, although we advise that you avoid using the phrase “Back in my day” when talking about Manchester United’s treble win for fear of sounding far too old.

Play the game together

Enjoying football as a family isn’t just restricted to watching – you can get involved by playing the game, too. Whether it be a kick about in the back garden, a penalty shootout or a run around in the local park, all you need to play as a family is a ball and a couple of jumpers for goalposts.

Some families even play football against each other. A four-on-four match between two families down the park is an excellent way to bring people together, ensure that you and your kids are getting some exercise and above all else, have fun – as long as you don’t take it too seriously, of course. Bring a picnic, your family and a football!

You could even explore table-football or golf-football for the more adventurous players!

If taking part isn’t for you, you can still help your kids on their playing journey. They’ll really benefit from all your support, such as signing them up for coaching courses, driving them to training and games, watching them play and just being there to nurture their love of the beautiful game.

We Make Footballers are all about getting everyone involved in our sport and improving the football experience for everyone in the UK. If you enjoyed this blog, take a look at some of our tutorials, articles and all the latest news in children’s football.

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