Spareroom Ad: NFL Franchise Preferred!

Spareroom Ad: NFL Franchise Preferred!

Thu 27 October 2016

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Spareroom Ad: Fabulous, roomy, and modern football stadium to share with the Spur’s, NFL Franchise Preferred!

By 2020, there is a possibility of a London-based NFL Franchise playing out of Tottenham’s new £750 million stadium. The stadium is to see its first light at the start of the 2018-19 Premier League campaign. Tottenham Chairman’ Daniel Levy is keen to the idea of hosting an NFL Franchise and the prospect of having the two biggest spectator sports in the world share an elite stadium is too promising not to indulge in.

Before going into why this is a likely scenario, here are a few advantages of franchising in general that highlight why this is a promising business opportunity for Tottenham:

  • A recognized brand name, like the NFL, provides an immediate consumer base and market share
  • Ongoing help and support from the Franchise
  • Better financing, banks are more likely to fund a successful franchise
  • Franchising is a proven business format
  • Low Risk
  • Defined territory
  • Go into business for yourself, but not by yourself

These are the advantages for Tottenham:

  • In 1995-1996 the World League of American Football’s London Monarchs played their games at White Hart Lane
  • Tottenham’s new stadium is already under contract to host at least 2 NFL games for the next 10 years
  • Tottenham can increase sponsorship from US based companies
  • The US already accounts for a third of the Spur’s trade overseas and an NFL franchise can help put Tottenham on the same page as Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal when it comes to US recognition
  • The NFL alliance could play a big role in funding the £750 million stadium
  • The NFL’s Executive Vice President of International and British-born, Mark Waller, is a Spur’s fan
  • The stadium’s design has dedicated NFL facilities, such as, a retractable pitch that has an artificial turf field underneath that is NFL regulation
  • The new stadium will have 61000 seats which can hold its own with Arsenal and Man City and support an NFL franchise which averages 68400 a game to the PL’s 36452
  • The first game of the 2016 NFL International Series between the Jaguars and Colts on October 2nd at Wembley stadium attracted a crowd of over 83000, where the Jacksonville Jaguars (the favorite to make the move overseas) had a larger fan base in the UK than they could probably get at a home game back in Jacksonville, Florida

So who can the UK expect to become host to their first ever NFL franchise? All fingers point to Spurs and their new stadium and the relationship that they have with the NFL and American football. The opportunity to hold franchisees of the two biggest sports leagues in the world, under the same roof, will undoubtedly be one the biggest sports moves in history and could prove to be one of the best business moves by the NFL and the Spurs down the road.

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