Reasons Why Rooney Should Go To Chelsea

Thu 29 August 2013


1. Rooney needs a new team which will play him as a main role.

Since Robin Van Persie joined the team, Rooney has became the 2nd choice. Rooney is starting less for Manchester United and he has requested a transfer twice in three years. In addition to this, the fans are starting lose faith in him. Rooney has lost his sharpness because he isn't playing enough games to get his game right. Even though he still shows that he is a great player, it seems that for Manchester United - Van Persie will always be the 1st choice.

2. Rooney will have more ambition at Chelsea

Rooney will want to prove at Chelsea that he is still a great player and that Man U were wrong to drop his starting position. Rooney will be fired up and he will want to make a point, he also could be trying too hard under many managers but Mourinho will be the best manager for him, Mourinho will be the right guy to help Rooney find his best form. He will definitely be one of the main roles in Chelsea because Torres isn't playing the best at the moment. Eden Hazard will give Rooney huge support whilst playing because Chelsea has got a strong midfield with Mata, Hazard, Ramires and Lampard. Rooney won't be the only one with big ambition. Chelsea as a team managed by Mourinho will also be having a big ambition wanting to win all the cups.

3. Rooney shouldn't do the same thing as Messi

Rooney is a world class player like Messi, but Messi only plays well with Barcelona and less so with Argentina. Rooney should prove to himself and everyone else that he is a great player in any team and that he is a all rounder. Messi is loved by the fans at Barcelona but Rooney was booed by the Manchester United fans but loved by the Chelsea fans. He will definitely score more goals again if he plays with a team which is as good as Chelsea.  There has only been 5 players who have scored more goals than Rooney in the Premier League.

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