Why is playing football in the holidays important?

Why is playing football in the holidays important?

Wed 17 July 2019

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Holiday Football can be hugely beneficial for children as they engage in activities that keep them physically active, mentally stimulated and socializing with friends both new and old as part of an active summer

 What have you got planned for your children this summer? They may have six weeks of downtime from school, but that doesn’t mean it should be all rest, relaxation and computer games.

In order for them to make the most of their holidays, kids should continue to lead an active life during the summer. Here, we explain some of the benefits that sport (in particular football) can have on your children this summer.

Football keeps kids active during the summer break

The primary reason for kids to play football in the holidays is to keep them physically active. To some children, six weeks off school offers them the dream opportunity to spend countless hours watching television or youtube, scrolling through the ipad or playing video and computer games.

 That can be bad news for their health and social skills. Kids need regular physical activity in order to maintain and improve their cardiovascular fitness, muscle development and bone health. Playing football can help them avoid putting on weight, improve their quality of sleep and lead to better coordination and balance (amongst many other fundamentals). It’s even good for combating stress!

The more active your kids are during the holidays, the better quality of life they are going to have both in the short term and in the long run. Getting them out and playing football is one way in which you can help them gain the physical benefits of sport and create fantastic memories during the holidays!

Football can get kids thinking 

How much thinking do your kids do throughout the summer holidays? Are they being challenged?

 With school age children, they’re at the stage in their lives where getting regular mental exercise can be every bit as important as physical exertion to their development.

Now, the last thing that children want to do on their break from school is start having to use their brains as they would in lessons or with homework. This means that you often need to find more creative ways in which to ensure they are getting a good mental workout.

Football can offer that. It isn’t all running with the ball or shooting at goal. When kids play football, they have to use their brains much more frequently than you might realise. They have to decide when to play a pass or when to shoot. They have to communicate with teammates. They have to think about where they need to be on a pitch and how they’re going to get there.

When in action, players are required to make decisions continuously - this lead to high rates of physical and mental engagement. Players will be making decisions every few seconds!

 And all of that is before you even consider the positive impact on their brains of listening to guidance from coaches and practicing new challenging exercises. If you’re looking for a way in which to get your kids thinking in the summer in a fun environment without them realising they are doing it, then football is great way to do it!

Football helps maintain and expand social circles

Playing football during the summer holidays not only keeps children physically active, but socially active too. Kids need to be out playing and socialising with other children in order to ensure that their social skills continue to develop, and sport is a brilliant way to do that.

 When kids play football, they’re working as part of a team with children they may know already. Even better is the prospect of meeting new friends through playing football, expanding their social circle and friendship group at the same time.

That ability to make connections is one of the most underrated benefits of playing football. Kids will often bond over their shared interest of the beautiful game with many long-lasting friendships forged on the football pitch. By encouraging your kids to play football in the holidays, you could be helping them make friends and boost their self-confidence.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that it leads to your child taking up football or another sport of their choice during the school break. Sports and activities can lead to more rounded individuals as they will learn skill sets different to those in a classroom.

If you are looking for ways to get your child involved in football over the holiday, why not try one of camps? Our camps welcome players of all abilities and focus on individual development and most importantly, having fun!


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