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Some players have more natural talent than others and need to be challenged to keep enjoying the sport.
Other players work extremely hard in their training sessions, attending all our camps, classes and booking
regular 1-1 sessions; as a result they can reach the level to go and attend training with a professional club.

With our reputation we have built, and the results we have achieved with our players over the past 9 years,
we have a strong network of contacts across the UK. If we feel your child is of the standard to develop
within a professional club environment we have the ability to put them forward.


Your child will need to sign for training with us and when registering, inform us that their intention is to become a professional footballer. We know exactly what it takes to join a professional academy.

We can help them get into a local grassroots team to help them get match experience and work on their weaknesses. It is vital that a player who intends to become professional footballer not only trains but plays competitive matches.

At a point we feel they are ready for academy training at a professional club, we call one of our contacts at the clubs we feel your child will stand the best chance of being signed at. At this point your child will go and train with the club and it is all down to them from that point.

If they are not signed, we find out the rea- sons why and offer guidance. We use the experience as a learning tool for working on areas of the game that are holding back the player. It is important that the player has the mental strenght to continue practicing and playing rather than holding on to a
feeling of rejection.

If the player does sign for a professional
club, we wish them the very best of luck and continue to act as a support network for you and your child. Many players continue to attend our football camps and receive
1 on 1 coaching even after they have
joined a professional club.


Scouts are looking for different qualities and areas of potential. We know exactly what profes-
sional clubs want from their young players and we also know precisely what our players need to
do to meet these demands.


Not only do we provide the training and contacts, we also give guidance to parents as well. This helps you make the best choices to ensure your child gets the contract they deserve.