Party ideas for football-mad kids

Fri 16 August 2019

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There’s nothing better for a football mad kid than having a football-themed party. They’re great fun for everyone involved, relatively easy to organise and you know that with football involved, most of the activities will involve plenty of exercise – all the more important before they tuck into that football-themed birthday cake.

If you are looking to throw a kid’s football party, we’ve put together some ideas for how you can go about it.

Book a We Make Footballers Party

A We Make Footballers Party is a great way to give your child a day that they’ll never forget – and you can leave it all in the capable hands of FA Qualified coaches who know exactly what they are doing.

All ages and abilities are catered for with the overriding aim to be that every child has fun through football-based games. There are a variety of different packages to suit every different party need, all equipment is provided and perhaps best of all, there is even a giant trophy for the Player of the Day – or in this case, the birthday boy or girl.

The coaches will also adapt games to ensure that everyone can take part, no matter how familiar they are with the sport. This way you won’t need to worry about inviting “football friends”, the whole class can come along!

If your child already attends a football camp or just loves playing football with their friends, then inviting in professional coaches to host their birthday party can be a truly memorable experience.

Give traditional party games a football theme

You can take virtually any traditional party game and give it a footballing twist, all within the comfort of your own garden. Take pass the parcel for starters. Rather than have a parcel, the kids have to pass a football around until the music stops. Obviously, whoever the ball lands on can’t then unwrap the football, but they can be given a prize.

You can turn Simon Says into Messi Says, Ronaldo Says, Neymar Says, or whoever happens to be your kid’s favourite footballer. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, how about a game of stick the ball on Harry Kane’s foot? All that is needed here is a poster of the England captain and a pin in the shape of a football.

The best though must be football piñata. There are two possible versions of this, depending on how brave you are. The first is the timid option and involves a paper-mache football containing sweets and prizes for the kids to smash their way into.

The second, and you’ll need a sizable space and kids of the right age for this one, involves a traditional pinata - but the only way you can get into it is by kicking a football at it. You can tie it from the crossbar of a samba goal before letting the guests shoot away to their hearts’ content.

Book a stadium tour of their favourite team

Unfortunately, the scarcity of tickets as well as the huge cost involved of attending live football these days means that taking your child and some of their best friends to watch their favourite team is pretty much a non-starter.

That isn’t to say you can’t give them an experience they’ll never forget though. Most Premier League clubs now offer tours of their stadium with discounts available for group bookings.

Take the Wembley tour for example. You can sit in the England changing room, have a photo with your favourite player’s shirt, walk down the tunnel, sit in the dugout and even climb the stairs into the Royal Box and lift the FA Cup.

Many other stadiums offer similar experiences, so whether your child is an Arsenal, Manchester City or Newcastle United fan, following in the footsteps of their heroes on a stadium tour will be something that lives with them forever.

We MakeFootballers birthday parties can really make your child’s day extra special and memorable for the whole family, we hope that these ideas help you plan your celebrations and have a wonderful event!

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