New Year, New Goals!

New Year, New Goals!

Mon 04 January 2016

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Setting Your Football Goals for 2016

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Setting goals can be an overwhelming process to start. There are many different directions on how and why to set goals, setting new goals for 2016 are essential to improving.

Benefits of setting goals:

  • You will become more enthusiastic and motivated.
  • You will gain greater confidence and self-worth.
  • You will become more organized and effective.
  • You will learn more, be more, and do more.
  • You will make better decisions.
  • You will have a greater purpose and direction in football and life.
  • You will do more for yourself and others.

Key Points to always keep in mind:

  • Set performance goals, as opposed to outcome goals.
    A performance goal is something that you can control, whereas an outcome goal is based on a result that may or may not be under your control.
  • An example would be, incorporate more skills to your game or improve passing accuracy. These are performance and will help each individual improve their overall game.
  • Always stay positive and resilient when set backs happen. You will inevitably struggle at accomplishing your new goals – it’s part of the process. Reflect on past successes to keep you on track.

    What to do next:

Evaluate: What were my strengths/highlights in 2015?  What were some of my struggles/weakness in 2015?  What went well?  What didn’t go well?  How did I train in team practices?  What kind on training did I do on my own?  How did I perform in games?  What kind of feedback did I get from my coaches?

Formulate: What do I want to accomplish as a football player in 2016?  Where do I want to be as a player at the conclusion of 2016?  What are my strengths that I want to continue to develop?  What are the areas in my game I feel I need to really improve?

Elevate: Now that you have a vision on where you want to go it is time to commit and start working.  You need to outline your plan.   What is my plan to work towards achieving my goals? What kind of a training schedule will I set to accomplish my goals?  (Break this into personal training and team training.)


Throughout the year make sure to ask coaches for some additional input to your reflections. Continue to add any content, pictures, motivational quotes, and anything that gets you excited about football and achieving your goals.

At the end of 2016 start the same process for 2017. The reward for good work is more work.  Good luck, strive for improvement, and have fun.

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