Reward Schemes at We Make Footballers Isleworth

Reward Schemes at We Make Footballers Isleworth

Wed 24 January 2018

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See how you can benefit from our reward schemes below



When your friend signs up to our training, we'll add one session to your booking.

Many children have been impacted positively by the training at We Make Footballers. We find that children often not only want to share their footballing experience but also play along with their friends.
Share the joys of your child training with us with your friends, and if they sign their child up, you will be rewarded with one more session added to your child’s booking. You can make as many referrals as you like, the more friends sign up, the more free sessions your child will receive.
How do I refer a friend?

  1. Introduce your friend to We Make Footballers - (be sure to let us know who they are via Phone or Email)
  2. Your referral books a Free Session
  3. Your referral attends their session
  4. Your referral signs up to our 10 week course subscription.
  5. 24 hours later, you’ll see an extra session added to your booking on Parent Area



Complete our sign-up form at your free session and receive one free day at Holiday Camp

Sign up for our weekly training on the day of your free trial and receive one free day at our Holiday camps.
How do I earn a free day at camp?

  1. Book a FREE session at We Make Footballers
  2. Attend the free session
  3. Receive a sign-up pack from our Parent Hosts and complete it on the spot
  4. We’ll create your account on our booking software, Parent Area, with the details you have provided.
  5. When a holiday camp arrives, inform us of the day you want and we’ll add you to the list.

We will continuously come up with new ways to reward you for your loyalty! Keep a lookout by following us on social media, to be kept up to date with what we do.

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