WMF Making A Difference

WMF Making A Difference

Mon 22 July 2013

Coaching best practices

It's going to take a while. But slowly, football in England WILL change.
We can't wait for the FA to help. We have to do it ourselves. It's up to us as the new young coaches to address the fact that the previous coaches have failed us but we are going to step up and make the change.

We will no longer accept centre backs that make mistakes when coming out with the ball and are uncomfortable joining into midfield positions. We will no longer accept goal keepers that only kick long and don't know how to play out from the back under pressure. We will not accept centre midfield "generals" that struggle to keep the ball under pressure. That can only pass backwards and sideways.
We demand creative, imaginative, exciting players in the attacking third that have the ability to beat players with more than just pace and speed.

This is what we demand. This is our movement. We will not wait for the English FA to tell us how to do it or give us the resources. We will do it ourselves as we want a football team our nation can finally be proud of.

There are special players at grassroots level in this country currently and its about time some coaches finally stepped up and delivered these players so they play the level they deserve. Playing the game the right way.

Here at We Make Footballers Academy we will continue to step up and deliver quality sessions to players of all abilities. The results will come as more and more players will be signed to professional clubs.

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By Sean Conlon

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