How can football boost my child’s confidence?

How can football boost my child’s confidence?

Tue 24 September 2019

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Confidence is an important weapon for a child to have as they grow up. Children who feel confident in their abilities and who believe that success is possible are far more likely to achieve highly, because of that self-belief. And when a task or challenge maybe doesn’t go as well as the child hoped, being confident will help them to learn from their mistakes and want to give it another shot.

One of the best ways in which you can help to boost your child’s confidence is through playing sport. We’ll talk about how football can help give kids the self-belief to succeed and boost their self-confidence as an individual:

Football is a source of encouragement for children

Encouragement is a key tool when it comes to building confidence. If a child is made to feel that they’ve done something well or are on the right path towards learning a new football skill which is impressing the adults around them, then their confidence can take a huge boost.

The nature of football and practicing can hugely improve a child’s confidence as they will see their own improvement. If a kid has put in a lot of time and effort on the training ground to master something, such as shooting with their weaker foot, then the encouragement they receive while doing so will give them the confidence to take on other challenges across various areas of life – not just on the football pitch.

Football gives kids the chance to taste success

Nothing gives a boost to the confidence like tasting success. That can either be through the sort of individual achievement that we’ve already mentioned when talking about encouragement - such as learning something new - or through winning as a team.

When a child is part of a winning team on the pitch, it does wonders for their self-belief. Knowing that they’ve contributed to the success of the collective helps boost their confidence, giving them the knowledge that they can make a difference to those around them.


Football helps them learn from their mistakes 

Every child makes mistakes - as even the best of them would - but they would always need someone to help them learn from these mistakes in a way  that it won't hurt their confidence and self-esteem.

If a player misplaces a pass or attempts a piece of skill that doesn’t come off in a game situation, they will then go away and work on what went wrong with their coaches. Next time a similar scenario arises, they may instead pull off the move successfully or make the right decision having learnt from their initial mistake.

This gives them confidence to try new things and can help remove the fear of failure. Sure, they might get it wrong the first time around but with hard work and perseverance, they will get it right eventually. That’s an important lesson to carry through life.

Football can help to keep children fit

Being fit and active can help a child’s confidence in two major ways. The first is through the mental boost that regular exercise offers, and the second is its physical effects.

When we exercise, our brain releases feel-good endorphins – in the adult world, it’s known as “runner’s high” – which make us feel good. That’s why regular exercise is recommended as a counter to stress, depression, anxiety and a range of other mental health problems. In this sense though, a child playing football is getting the exercise they need to stay a happier person and confidence goes hand-in-hand with happiness.

Being able to take part in a game of football can also improve their confidence in social situations as they will be able to take part in the group activity and engage with other children around them. 

From a physical point of view, a fitter and stronger child tends to have more confidence. They feel good in themselves, knowing that they are at the peak of their powers. Football can assist with not only this, but with developing important coordination and agility skills as well. The sport can help your child get the daily exercise that they need as well as boosting confidence at the same time.

Sport is fantastic for teaching children many transferable skills such as self-confidence and we have identified the reasons as to why football in particular can help. If you are looking for a safe, fun and friendly environment in which your child can play, improve their footballing ability and boost their confidence then please try one of our weekly sessions. 


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