Kids Football Coaching for Future

Kids Football Coaching for Future

Wed 02 November 2016

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Kids Football Coaching

The future of English football is through kids football coaching. This starts with the development of England’s children by qualified/proper coaching. Who better to do so than former and current professional footballers? There are many opportunities to learn from those who have been excelling at football for years. Putting to sleep the notion that “Those who can’t do, teach” is the first step to making coaching children an intriguing option for professional footballers after/during their playing career.

Examples of professional footballers passing on their skills to the next generation:

  • Leicester City’s Christian Fuchs has started Fox Soccer Academy in the United States
  • Liverpool’s Mark Wright is launching a kids football coaching programme in China
  • Former Blackburn Rovers and Sunderland footballers are coaching the Kingsmeadow Football Academy in Gateshead, UK.
  • Huddersfield Town’s John McAliskey has started the GF Football Academy
  • Arsenal’s Tony Adams coaches for the Hale End Academy U18s
  • Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier runs his own MLT Academy
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy has coached girls football in Asheville, North Carolina, US.

As apparent, some current/former Premiere League Stars are going to other parts of the globe to coach. This is happening for many reasons, one of which being the standard of pitches in the UK are preventing grassroots-level development. Manchester City has spent £200 for a new state of the art football academy complex. But, not everyone can have the resources to provide the proper equipment and facilities that make the development of talent much more efficient. Also, today's youth are more interested in staring at a screen than practicing their football skills.

kids football coaching

Convincing Kids to start Football Coaching

Both problems can be fixed by professional footballers coaching these children. Professional footballers have the funds to sustain the poor wage of kids football coaching and have the [over]qualifications to provide the best coaching. And what better way to encourage little Timmy to go play football than learning from, say, Wayne Rooney.


In order to truly help the future of English football is to invest in kids football coaching. We Make Footballers is one of the leading coaching academies that provides quality training from quality coaches. It’s franchising aspect, also, offers those that want to support the future of English football the opportunity to do so whether they are former/current professional footballers, or coaches, or business people with a passion for football. If you’re interested in starting your child on the right path, sign up here. Or, if interested in learning more about starting a We Make Footballers franchise, go here.

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