What a * Football academy near me * Google search means to We Make Footballers

What a * Football academy near me * Google search means to We Make Footballers

Mon 17 December 2018

Football Training Tips

Typing Football academy near me into Google is a term that has its origins in something deeper than a simple search. In our experience, most cases one of the following scenarios are driving this search:

    • It is the start of a journey by parents into the world of football for their children
    • There has been a change in circumstances meaning they are no longer able to reach their football training academy of choice
    • Their football coaching academy no longer fits their needs, is deemed to be too low quality or they have received poor service

This article aims to look at these driving factors parents search for local football academies and how what things you could consider when making this important decision. We will, where relevant, describe how We Make Footballers has addressed these to give parents a consistent, enjoyable and flexible football coaching academy for their child. We hope that this article gives you the information you need to consider when searching: football academy near me.

1) I am looking for a football academy near me to start my child’s football journey

If you are starting your child’s football coaching journey it is important to consider the following:

What kind of coaching level is my child at?
Being a parent who understandably loves your child dearly, you may have unrealistic views about your child’s footballing ability. If you aren’t sure, speak to a coach about their experience or how long they have been playing before bringing your child to the training to understand what level they are likely at. Bring them to a trial session and let the coach decide what level they should be at. At the beginning of their journey, it is vital that they feel relaxed and learn to love the game. This won’t happen if they are out of their depth. Improvements will come.

Does the coaching company offer different levels to suit different ages / abilities?
If you have children playing together whose ages are too far apart it impacts both children. The older children will be forced to do basic techniques which will quickly lose their interest, while younger children will get overwhelmed by advanced training techniques which may lower their confidence. It is important that children of similar ages and abilities play together as it will keep the training relevant and be challenging while achievable.

Does the coaching company have different classes scheduled at times which are suitable for both you and your child?
Flexibility is key. A small coaching company may only have 1-2 classes that run on 1-2 days in a single location. We Make Footballers have a number of different locations with a consistent playing style which means if a date or location no longer works for you - you can simply request a change. This means that you have more options to keep your child playing in a consistent way while giving you the flexibility around your busy lifestyle.

Does the coaching academy have a clear and understandable philosophy on football coaching?
If your coaching company doesn’t have a clear football coaching philosophy – it is likely they are creating sessions on the fly or simply making it up as they go. This means that your child could be missing out on vital areas of development of their game or doing exercises that will reap very little benefit them. At We Make Footballers we have a very clear methodology which focuses on learning while having fun. All of our lesson plans are geared around this and ensures that We Make Footballers that are technically gifted while being great football thinkers.

2) I have recently moved and can no longer access my desired football academy

If you have moved and are now too far away from your current coaching academy, you will be needing a new academy to join. Before signing up to a new academy, you should ask yourself whether it is likely that you may move again one day? If this is the case, you may want to consider choosing a football coaching academy like We Make Footballers, that has multiple venues around London and the U.K.

It is important to choose a company with multiple venues as they will likely have the same philosophy and training style. It will help your child’s development to have consistent, professional football coaching by coaches with standards – like those at We Make Footballers.

3) I am no longer satisfied with my current football coaching academy

Football coaching is a business sector that has low barrier to entry. This is great in that it allows people from all walks of life play and teach the beautiful game – just as intended. However, it does create a lot of poor-quality coaching and renegade companies that churn through young players for the sake of making revenue.

We have heard countless examples from our customers who have received very poor experiences at the football academies they departed before joining We Make Footballers. They talk of low-quality training, unenthusiastic coaches, aggressive staff, unsafe facilities and faulty equipment. Often parents stay silent when they observe this as they feel they are not qualified or it is not their place to speak out. However, we strongly recommend any poor coaching standards are brought to the attention of the Academy Manager, and if they are not satisfactorily dealt with an online review should be posted warning other parents of the bad practices you have witnessed.

At We Make Footballers - our philosophy is about helping every child become the best player they can be. As a result of our focus on the end product, coupled with our exceptional service, facilities and equipment, we are the highest rated football coaching company, according to Trustpilot, in the UK.

We hope that the above demonstrates why typing Football academy near me is not such a simple search, and also we have provided some guidance on what to consider when starting or continuing your child’s football journey.

If you are interested in finding out where the nearest ‘We Make Footballers’ Football Academy is to you, enter your postcode into the 'Find An Academy' feature in the menu bar above.

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