5 Reasons Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

5 Reasons Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

Tue 27 August 2013

Case studies and success stories

1. Cristiano Ronaldo has made a large impact in two different major football leagues, the Premier League and La Liga. On the other hand, Messi will never leave Barcelona. Ronaldo has done a great job at Manchester United AND Real Madrid - but would Messi perform as well as Ronaldo in the Premier league?

2. Messi's support is better than Ronaldo's because the midfield in Barcelona is better than in Real Madrid. If Ronaldo also played in Barcelona he would probably score just as many goals if not more.

3. Physically, Ronaldo is stronger than Messi. Ronaldo should be better as an individual player because of his figure, Ronaldo can fit into any type of team but on the other hand Messi might find it way more difficult because of his height and his strength.

4. Messi shows that he plays way better with Barcelona than with Argentina, This shows that Messi is not independent enough to play with a weaker midfield. Ronaldo, however, plays just as well if not better with Portugal and Ronaldo has reached 100 caps.

5. Ronaldo is extremely consistent with his game. His goal rate for Real Madrid is 1.02 goals per game. Messi's is 0.82 goals per game with Barcelona.

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