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5 Benefits of 1-on-1 Football Coaching

It’s no secret that football is the most widely played and competitive sport. With children learning to play football in the playground, at school training, with friends, in local teams or even in professional environments, football is a sport that most children will encounter. The above examples provide ideal environments for children to practice through … Continue reading 5 Benefits of 1-on-1 Football Coaching

Best Football Skills For 6-8 Year Olds To Learn

Football Skills for a 6-8 year old to learn Park footballers, school footballers, playground footballers, team footballers and professional footballers all understand the importance of skills. They are the object of fascination for many children and players as they see idols like Ronaldo and Messi dribble past defenders, skill and drive their way to scoring … Continue reading Best Football Skills For 6-8 Year Olds To Learn

Team Finchley: Coach Harriss

When Cristiano Ronaldo’s Godfather Fernao Sousa was asked why his Godson became a professional footballer he replied “All he wanted to do as a boy was play football. He loved the game so much he’d miss meals or escape out of his bedroom window with a ball when he was supposed to be doing his … Continue reading Team Finchley: Coach Harriss

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