What to expect from a football summer holiday camp for kids

Fri 16 August 2019

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If you are considering sending your child on a football summer holiday camp for the first time, then you’ll probably be wondering what exactly both you and they can expect from such a programme. It can also be a nerve wracking process for many parents and children as there is an abundance of coaching companies and summer activities to choose from.

In order to answer that question and give you as much information as possible as to what to expect from camp, we’ve put together this list of five things our We Make Footballers summer camps deliver to young players.

A fun and safe environment to play football

The most important factor of a football summer holiday camp is that it should be fun. Kids won’t want to turn up and play football every day if they aren’t enjoying it, which makes fun the number one priority.

Games, challenges and practices are designed to ensure that kids get the maximum amount of enjoyment from sessions so that they go home having had a brilliant time. They are also tailored to all so that everyone can take part.

Safety is paramount as well. Regular drinks breaks ensure that children don’t get overworked and every coach without fail has undertaken the necessary qualifications and checks. A fun and safe environment makes for the best sort of football camp.

An improvement in your child’s footballing ability

While the overriding purpose of a football summer holiday camp is to have fun, it is also a great way to improve a child’s footballing ability. Working with qualified coaches for over four hours a day over a five day course is the equivalent of nearly 15 weeks of one-hour sessions. With that sort of contact time, a player is guaranteed to improve.

A child will also benefit from playing with other kids of a similar age and ability. For beginners, they can learn the basics alongside others who are just starting out. More confident players will find themselves working alongside those who are equally competitive while for anyone who has aspirations of making it into an academy, professional coaches know exactly what it takes and can help a player work on the areas of their game that may be lacking.

The opportunity for your child to get noticed

Lots of coaches and courses will have links forged with local professional clubs. That means that if your child is already a talented player, a football summer holiday camp might give them the opportunity to be noticed.

Should a player impress the coaches, then there is every chance that they could recommend them for a trial with a professional club. Attending a camp can potentially open opportunities that otherwise may not exist.

The chance to play football in a competitive environment

If you’ve got a child who is relatively confident at football, then they probably love experiencing that winning feeling. There is an opportunity to do just that each day at a football summer holiday camp, as frequent matches and tournaments are played to give kids the opportunity to try out their new-found skills in a competitive environment.

When kids take to the pitch is when they really get to see the improvement in their skill and ability level. Playing competitively in games also helps to teach them the value of teamwork.

Social development

Aside from watching players improve, one of the most rewarding aspects of a football summer holiday camp is seeing the way in which children become friends and develop socially - even in just a week together.

That’s because football is such a sociable sport. It allows kids to meet like-minded kids and bond over a shared interest of the beautiful game. That might be because they share a favourite player, or it might be because they both support the same team.

Football can also help a shy or nervous child come out of their shell. When they master a new skill, it will build confidence as they find something that they are both good at and enjoy doing in a team environment.

The most important thing that any camp can hope to achieve is for players to develop a positive relationship with the sport and that football becomes something that they enjoy, filling their holidays with fun memories!

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