Why should I choose a football holiday camp instead of multi-sports?

Fri 16 August 2019

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If you’ve decided that you want to sign your kids up for a sports camp this summer, then you might find yourself facing something of a dilemma. Do you go for a multi-sports camp in which they’ll try a variety of different activities, or do you stick with one specific sport – in this case, a football holiday camp?

If you’re struggling with the decision, then here are some of the reasons as to why a football holiday camp can be the best option.

If your kids like football, they’re guaranteed to like a football holiday camp

The main reason to select a football holiday camp is the most logical one – after all, if your kids like football, then they are pretty much guaranteed to like a football holiday camp.

There’s always the risk if you send them to a multi-sports camp that they might spend time doing activities they’ve got no interest in. Because each child is different, one of the biggest challenges of running a multi-sports camp is being able to keep them all entertained.

Sure, there could be five options on any given day but if your kid doesn’t like any of those five, then they aren’t going to enjoy it. That’s why sending them off to a camp playing a sport they love - like football - is guaranteed to have them coming home smiling at the end of every day.

They’ll receive professional coaching

Football holiday camps offer the highest standard of training possible with all sessions led by qualified coaches who are dedicated to improving players.

You won’t find that sort of expertise at a multi-sports camp. Sure, you might have one or two experts at certain activities, but it certainly won’t be a number of dedicated coaches who all specialise in your child’s chosen sport.

If you want to use your kids’ summer holiday camp to improve their skills as well as ensuring that they are having a good time, then a specialist football holiday camp is the way to go.

They’ll become more confident, improve socially and as a footballer

If your child has already begun their journey into the world of football, then sending them to a football holiday camp can provide a big boost to their confidence compared to a multi-sports camp.

Kids can develop and build confidence through being successful, and they’ve got more chance of being successful doing something they know or have been exposed to before. Spending a week playing football and developing the skills they already have will help build their confidence.

Compare that to a multi-sports camp. They might find themselves taking on a sport they’ve never tried before, not excelling at it and as a result their confidence and self-esteem can take a knock.

They’ll make more “football friends” and team-mates


From a social point of view, children are more likely to make friends if they’ve got a common interest that they can bond over. That’s much more likely at a football holiday camp.

That isn’t to say that they won’t make friends at a multi-sports camp. It’s just that they are more likely to enjoy socialising with a large group of boys and girls who all love football. They can talk about their favourite teams, players and games – it’s a shared interest and a ready-made conversation starter.

This can be particularly helpful if your child is shy or nervous. They may lack the courage to strike up a conversation at a multi-sports camp for not knowing what to say or what to talk about. At a football holiday camp, there’s only one thing they need to discuss – football.

We hope that this article has helped show some of the benefits of signing your child up for a football holiday camp, however, regardless of what you choose, the most important thing is that they are active and have a fantastic break!

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