Improving Football Environment

Improving Football Environment

Fri 09 October 2015

Football development

Creating a stimulating and rewarding environment where your players are rewarded for their personal successes as well as their teams successes. Grassroots footballers need continuous praise to raise the individuals self esteem. This will encourage our modern day footballers to be risk takers and try new skills and ideas in their practices and games. This will help prevent players being predictable on the football pitch and encourage players to think outside the box and try their new ideas. Creating this sort of environment for players to train in will embed creative thinking and encourage players to use and apply these skills in game scenarios and matches.

Players that are continuously coached in a less stimulating environment will not produce such creative patterns of play or individual skill because of the way the training environment is managed. This type of environment will limit the players development as many will have developed the mentality "fear of failure." Grass roots players need to be coached in an environment where fear of failure is non existent but where failure is an area to better ourselves - to be the best that we can be! Of course every player will fail at something somewhere, scoring a goal, mistiming a tackle -  however, if this is managed correctly (creating the environment) players will thrive! The way feedback to our grassroots players is structured is so important this is why we believe the best way to do this is the positive sandwich method:
Success, to be even better, success.

For example: "Joe, your passing has been really good at training today, however you can be an even better player by passing into space as well as to feet, I liked the role you played in our last goal. - Well done Joe".

Rather than: "Joe, pass into space as well as to feet"
Creating this environment will allow your players to receive truthful, purposeful feedback structured in a way where the player still feels good and feels valued! Remember players are like us! We all want to hear praise!

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