What can my child learn at holiday camps?

What can my child learn at holiday camps?

Wed 17 July 2019

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Football holiday camps give kids something to do; they offer an opportunity for them to have fun, meet new friends and allow parents to spend time working within the busy summer schedule. There is another reason to send your children to a summer holiday camp though – so they can learn.

For most parents, the overriding reason to send their child to a summer holiday camp is to alleviate the boredom of six weeks without school and ensure that their child is enjoying the summer break.

One of the most underrated benefits of a holiday camp is the learning element. It’s an opportunity for kids to be taught new skills by experts that they may not have access to anywhere else.

Here are just some of the skills that your child can learn at holiday camps.

 How to play football like Raheem Sterling

Football is the most popular sport on the planet and there are plenty of holiday camps to cater for that popularity. On a We Make Footballers holiday camp, young players can expect to play for up to four hours a day in a fun, safe and friendly environment in which they will improve their skills under the guidance of FA Qualified Coaches.


Sessions are designed with the overriding aim to be enjoyable and cater to children playing at a good standard already or children starting out on their football career. Not only will they learn to play but these camps help players start their football journey.

We Make Footballers have links with various professional clubs which means that if you’ve got a young Harry Kane or Raheem Sterling who might be able to make it, there will be coaches on hand to improve the areas of the game they need to improve as well as recommending them for trials with an academy or top grassroots club.

How to code like Bill Gates


If you’ve got a tech-savvy kid, then there are plenty of technology camps springing up across the country which are designed for children who are intrigued by various aspects of the digital world. Given the millions made by the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Mush, it’s not a bad sector to have an interest in.

 Depending on which area of your technology your child is interested in will inform which sort of camp is best for them. Some camps concentrate on areas like video game design and digital photography and editing. These are more suitable for kids who want to develop their end skills using already existing technology.

 For those creative types who want to actually design and build programmes themselves, then have a look at some of the coding skill camps out there. Not only can kids learn to write their own computer coding and have a try at 3D design but they can build their own robots and programme and fly drones.


How to act like Tom Holland and become the next Avenger!

You might have a wannabe movie star on your hands, in which case a summer holiday camp for performing arts can be the perfect way to introduce them to the world of stage and screen.

If they want to follow in Tom Holland’s footsteps and be the next Spiderman, then sign them up for a general drama camp where they can learn the basics of how to become an actor. If the West End is calling, then some classes offer musical theatre with a mix of drama and singing.

Even dancing is becoming popular among kids these days, thanks in part due to Joe Sugg’s successful turn on Strictly Come Dancing last year alongside Dianne Buswell. So, if you’ve got a child who wants to Cha-cha-cha, Tango or Foxtrot their way through the summer, then find a dance camp for them to get their moves on.


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