What A Child Will Learn With Football Coaching

What A Child Will Learn With Football Coaching

Wed 12 February 2020

Football Course Benefits



What a child will learn with football coaching at We Make Footballers Bexleyheath

We Make Footballers Bexleyheath launched in 2019 and has been delivering football coaching sessions every Friday during time from its base at the Bexleyheath Academy for nearly a year now.

If you are looking to sign your child up to a weekly football training scheme, then here’s what We Make Footballers can provide through our Bexleyheath centre.






A variety of different training sessions

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and that applies to football as much as anything else. Each week, our FA qualified We Make Footballers coaches will focus on a different theme to ensure that players are kept interested and are being encouraged to develop a whole host of different skills, rather than just focussing on one area.

These themes include the essentials such as passing and shooting, but also other underrated aspects of the sport that many academies tend to skip over, like the importance of understanding the game, developing personal relationships and teamwork.

By including areas such as being part of a team, We Make Footballers aims to equip children with skills that are also valuable in everyday life.


Continuity and a clear development pathway

One of the major challenges facing lots of football academies across the United Kingdom is the weather. Grassroots facilities aren’t great and when winter arrives, many grass pitches can be out of action for months at a time should we suffer a particularly wet season – as has been the case through 2019-20 when it doesn’t seem to have stopped raining.

This isn’t a problem though for We Make Footballers Bexleyheath, who have the use of an indoor facility. By guaranteeing that sessions can run all year round, it means that players have the continuity that they need to develop through weekly training that isn’t held hostage by the weather. They won’t have to go three or four weeks without a session because of rain.

That also allows WMF coaches to plot a clear pathway. They know they’ll have access to each player every week and so they can plan sessions months in advance, providing a clearer route to improving each player’s individual game.


1 on 1 challenges

We Make Footballers place a lot of emphasis on the benefits of 1 on 1 challenges and this remains a crucial area of their training programmes. WMF coaches encourage creativity and decision making within their players, and there is no better way to do that than by playing 1 on 1.


Players are paired with another child of similar ability, ensuring that they are adequately challenged. They’ll then need to find a way to overcome their opponent using the skills that we’ve already worked on in a group environment, allowing them to think for themselves the best way to apply what they’ve just learnt.

With upbeat Brazilian music accompanying the challenges and encouragement from their teammates, it’s almost like they have been transported from Bexleyheath Academy to Copacabana Beach – not a bad place to practice football!



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