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Football For All

Wed 12 February 2020

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Football for all – how We Make Footballers Bexleyheath ensures everyone can enjoy the beautiful game

The best thing about the beautiful game is that it is so simple to play. All you require is a ball and the ability to kick it and you can play the sport. It doesn’t matter whether you have the footballing skill of Lionel Messi or Lionel Blair, you can still have fun.

And yet a lot of players – particularly young people – can be put off from an early age by the feeling that they aren’t good enough. Some children give up playing football before they’ve even hit the teens thanks to poor coaching and a tendency for some grassroots clubs to only focus on those who look like they have the potential to be the very best.

Which is wrong. At We Make Footballers Bexleyheath, we treat every player exactly the same. The aim isn’t to unearth the next Raheem Sterling or Alex Morgan – although that would be nice – but to ensure that every child who joins the academy enjoys their football and doesn’t give up on the game too early.

Here’s how we do it.

Football in a fun and safe environment

The most obvious way to ensure that young players don’t give up on their footballing dream is by making the sport as fun as possible – and that is the number one mission of We Make Footballers Bexleyheath.

How do we do that? Our sessions take place in a fun and safe environment. Players are never judged, meaning that they can relax and just enjoy themselves. While the coaching that WMF deliver is of the highest quality, we understand that a majority of children want a less-serious approach so that they don’t feel under pressure. Make the game fun and chances are, you won’t lose them.

Encourage players and boost their confidence

One of the most off-putting aspects of youth football is the thought of that angry coach stood on the side lines, rollicking his young players should they make one mistake or lose a game. You might find that at grassroots clubs, but it doesn’t happen at We Make Footballers.

Instead, players are encouraged when they make mistakes. Doing something wrong and learning from it can be as powerful a tool as always getting things right. WMF never judge players, rather we encourage them and boost their confidence, helping them to find a way to overcome problems and challenges - which can then filter through into other walks of life.

Work with players of all abilities – and encourage them to never give up

We understand that it really isn’t easy for lots of children to join grassroots football clubs. A lot of teams and academies only want to accept the best to boost their chances of winning praise, accolades and trophies.

That’s why so many children slip through the net. They’re told they aren’t good enough to make the team after a trial or that they should come back in a year’s time. It’s little wonder that many subsequently quit up before they’ve even really started.

But not at We Make Footballers. Every player is welcome and every player will receive exactly the same care and attention. We don’t turn anyone away and we encourage players not to give up on themselves. After all, football is littered with tales of players like Jamie Vardy and Ian Wright who were constantly deemed not good enough, only to go and prove everybody wrong.

It doesn’t matter who you are. If you want to play football, you can do it at We Make Footballers Bexleyheath.

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