The best football courses for children

The best football courses for children

Fri 21 June 2019


The best football courses for children

Football training isn’t simply a case of giving a group of children a ball, teaching them some skills and then sending them on their merry way. There are several different types of football courses for children, all of which involve different ways of imparting knowledge and improving players.

Good coaching standards and environment are the fundamental factors when thinking about football courses for children.

Weekly training

With this type of football coaching course for Kids, a child takes part in a group session once (or more times) a week with a qualified coaching team. The child can then go away and work on what they’ve been taught in their own time before the next week’s session.

Because of the regularity with which the sessions take place, weekly courses are a great way to build and develop skills over many weeks and months. It’s also an ideal option for parents that simply want to get their child playing football and not commit to matches, events or bi-weekly training.

When a coach knows that they are going to be having regular contact with a child over a sustained period of time, they are able to come up with an effective long-term plan for the player’s footballing development. They also get to know that child and learn how to tailor their coaching to get the best out of them.

There is a strong social side to weekly football training for children. Just like how an adult looks forward to seeing their friends at regular gatherings like weekend drinks, children are able to build long-term friendships when they know they are going to be seeing one another on a regular, weekly basis.

Summer Football Holiday camps UK

Summer football holiday camps for kids are more intense training courses where players will spend all day, every day playing football on a course which can last anywhere between a couple of days to a full week. As a result, these generally tend to take place in school holidays – making them a great way to ensure that your kids have something to keep them busy and entertained when they are on their holidays.

Football summer holiday camps are broken down into daily sections where children can expect to enjoy fun games, work on their technical skills and play small sided games. There is also a focus on the “Theme of the Day” which could be shooting, passing, dribbling, tactical awareness – this enables players to develop a range of skill-sets and ensures they will always learn something new.



At We Make Footballers, each day ends with matches or tournaments, ensuring that players get a healthy amount of exposure to competitive football. This provides them with a chance to test out their newly developed skills in a game situation. Coaches always pair players best on ability so that they are challenged, but also getting success and boosting their self-confidence.

The major benefit of holiday camps is the sheer amount of playing time involved. With up to five hours of football per day for up to five days per week, they are a great way for a child to improve as they allow coaches to have access to them for a significant amount of time. No matter a child’s footballing ability, they will improve with this amount of contact time with top coaches and playing time.

For players looking to enter professional academies, then a holiday camp will not only help them develop the necessary skills, but it will also give them an insight into what it is like to play football for a living. The answer to that of course is it’s brilliant.

One-on-one training


There are many benefits to one-on-one training for players of all ages. The most obvious is the increase in the amount of contact time that it provides between a player and a coach. When a coach is focusing solely on a single child, they can target those areas which that individual player needs to work on. The coach will also tailor the sessions to fit the player’s learning style and ensure they are getting the most out of it.

We also find that one-on-one training can make a real difference to the chances of a player being asked to trial for clubs, school teams or academies. The individual attention can turn a good player into a great one by working on areas such as fitness, technique and tactical knowledge which group sessions don’t always have enough time to cover in enough detail.

These sessions can provide a real boost to helping a player become the best they can and improve their self-confidence on the pitch.


Football is the most popular activity for children in the UK, it can often be hard for parents to decide where, how and when to get their child involved in playing. The best thing to do is try sessions, you can start by attending a We Make Footballers session free of charge to see our coaching is the right fit for you and your child.


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