9 Top Tips to be a goal scoring striker

9 Top Tips to be a goal scoring striker

Mon 17 September 2018

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This is a popular question we hear at our training sessions and from our players, scoring goals is the most exciting thing about playing football for most children and adults! Goals are memorable moments for teams and even more memorable if you are the one who has scored! It can be hard to describe what the perfect Striker looks like as there are so many players that are successful and goal-scoring. However, they have a variety of personalities and physical and technical characteristics. Based on our years training some of the top Academy Players and our experience within the football world, we’ve put together a list of 9 top tips to be a goal scoring striker, to increase your chances of reaching your targets!

Top Striker Robin Van Persi shows quality technique

1) Confidence: be sure of yourself
All players must have self-confidence and trust themselves on the ball in match situations and in 1v1s. This is fundamental to being a striker, hitting the target and scoring - you must be self-confident at training and from the minute each game begins. Showing your confidence will not only bring your goal tally up in the long run, it will also intimidate defenders and lift the spirits of your team too. This confidence can be shown with positive body language and the decisions you make on the ball. Play with no fear and always show you want the ball.

2) Take a shot: Every shot you don’t take is a shot you miss
Strikers are the players placed closest to the opposition’s goal for a reason - they have speed, flair, technique, power and all the ingredients to make an impact on the scoreboard. Shooting is something that must be second nature to you and if an opportunity within your range presents itself you must seize it. Try your best to know where the target is at all times, but just remember: every shot you do not take is a shot you miss. Speak with your coach to make sure you are continuously improving your technique in training and practice practice practice! Keep a track of shots on and off target in games and try to improve your performance with each game. You also should not be blind to your teammates positions, as sometimes it is the better option to pass to a player who is in a better position than you, but we don’t like to see strikers who are afraid to take responsibility to score.

Henry - Top Striker

3) Be an athlete
Strikers are often some of the most impressive athletes on the pitch, they work in high-intensity bursts and are prepared to pounce on every opportunity throughout the whole game. This is why you must ensure you’re the fittest on the pitch and that you have high rates of concentration. Doing speed/ladder work, sprints, box runs or jumps, strengthening, conditioning, mobility and agility work will be key to beating defenders, making excellent runs and will create more goal scoring opportunities. Weekly matches can be demanding and so fitness will be fundamental to becoming the best striker in your league!

4) Watch the Pros: Learn from the best
It’s fundamental to the education of players and strikers to watch professional games to see the work-rate, skill, flair and dedication on display. A great example to learn from is the Brazilian creativity or perhaps try watching some of the legends from past world-cups to learn from excellent players and International or League teams. It’s often by watching and studying football that players learn and are inspired to take their game to the next level.

Fowler - top striker - lethal finisher

5) Quick Feet
Speed ladders, cone work, mobility, agility, ball manipulation, quick touches… these are all examples of the type of work that is fundamental to becoming faster both on and off the ball. Sometimes, a challenge is won by simply being half a second faster than your opposition. Strikers beat defenders in order to score and being faster than them will lead to more goal scoring opportunities. Making sure that you have quick feet and can move the ball with speed and precision requires a lot of practice, however, it will be worth it when you become a top goal scorer!

6) Get to know your team: Learn how each other plays
Often, if you communicate more with your other teammates you will be able to create better connections and football chemistry - the more you play together and understand each other the more goals will be scored. It may be that a certain long ball simply doesn’t work in a game or that you need to make it clearer that you would like to receive the ball on a certain foot or turn. This seems simple, however, your teammates are working hard too and they are also a massive ingredient to scoring goals. Make sure you communicate with your team and work together, in time you will be scoring more goals.

top striker in premier league

7) Defend from the front: Learn how to press intelligently
Being active when you are not on the ball is critical to the performance of any striker - you play a vital role in the game at all times, not just when you have the ball. Therefore, try to understand if you are positioned correctly within a game, if you are relieving pressure from your own defence by dragging away the opposition’s players, ensure you are following the game at all times and learning how to predict it more and more. Pressing may change depending on your team dynamics, however, it is critical that you work as hard as you can for your team and for yourself! Putting the opposition under pressure may lead to them making mistakes and you, in return, getting the benefits! Press and work intelligently as this is a fundamental part of creating goal scoring opportunities. Your coach may need your team to press high up the pitch to stop the opposition easily playing out from the back. If this is the case you need to understand what your coach requires from you.

8) Set your own targets: You are your greatest challenger
If you scored one goal last week, challenge yourself to scoring two this week, perhaps the next week you’ll challenge yourself further! Keep a track of your friendly, league and cup performances. The idea is that in order to keep on developing and to become the best player you can be, you must continually challenge yourself and learn from every game and session. Setting your own targets will be fundamental to your continuous development as a striker. There is no magic formula for becoming a top goal scorer, there is simply advice, good training and you must create new challenges for yourself and identify areas in which you can improve to become a goal scoring striker.

Paulo Dybala Top Striker

9) Have fun: Enjoy what you do
When you see the pros, they always celebrate and are happy when they score - they enjoy football and love their career. Football is a great source of happiness and self-fulfillment and you will do well if your heart's in it. Make sure that you always remember to have fun, celebrate and enjoy the game!

Strikers can be very hard working players and will score goals in return. Scoring goals is fundamental to matches and they make football a thrilling game to play and watch. Good practice, personality, enjoyment of the game and drive for continuous improvement are key to being a goal scoring striker and hitting the target every time!

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